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A comfy pair of jeans is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. That’s why here at Woodhouse we’ve created the Denim Guide, giving you an insight into the deep blue world of denim.

From the history of the style to how to pick the right pair of jeans for you, we explore the little-known facts about denim.

Denim’s humble beginnings

Like many classic garments, jeans began as a solution to a problem. Miners in the 1870s needed a resilient material to equip them for a hard day’s work in the mines, and denim fitted the bill.

Denim’s appeal quickly went beyond its sheer practicality, as the material hit the mainstream in the early twentieth century. Since then it’s been reinvented to fit every trend over the decades.

The detail behind the denim

In our guide, we look at the anatomy of denim – so you can distinguish your bartack from your selvedge.

Plus, we delve into the nitty-gritty of denim terminology to help you decipher product descriptions and ensure you get the best pair for you.

Denim Guide Anatomy-of-Denim


Caption: The anatomy of denim from the Woodhouse Denim Guide

Caring for denim

Denim isn’t like any other material. In many ways, it has a life of its own. To make the most out of your pair of jeans, you need to know how to look after the material.

We take a look at the dos and don’ts of denim to ensure every pair of jeans ages gracefully (the way denim should) – and doesn’t end up stiff, stretched or too tight.

For instance, you should give your jeans a good six months before you think about freshening them up – instead, hang them out in the elements and let the breeze take the mustiness away.

Luxury denim

There are two types of denim that are a cut above the rest. We aim to explain why you should give this kind of luxury denim a go. Here are the two types we recommend:

Raw Denim

Raw-denim-sceptics complain about the stiffness of the material, but jean-lovers will relish the challenge of breaking in a new pair, knowing that months of everyday life will mould these denim legs into a second skin.


For the discerning denim buyer, selvedge is a must. If you see the word ‘selvedge’ on a product description, it means this pair of jeans has been made using a traditional method of weaving, which takes much longer than modern methods. Woven in one continuous thread, the fabric loops back on itself, creating a ‘self-edge’ that cannot fray.

This process may take longer, but we believe a good pair of jeans is worth the wait.

Our top denim brands

We appreciate the look and feel of good quality denim, so here at Woodhouse, we stock many of the leading denim brands out there.

From the fathers of denim, Levis, to the modern, eco-friendly designs of Nudie Jeans, we have a huge range of quality jeans to choose from.

Looking for your next pair of jeans? Check out our denim guide for inspiration or browse the fantastic collection of jeans from leading brands such as 7 For all Mankind, Armani Jeans, BOSS Green, Edwin, Levis, Nudie Jeans, Replay and True Religion.