With the weather turning now is the perfect time to invest in a new jacket. We have pulled some of the different styles from our collection to give you an idea of what to treat yourself to.

The Overshirt Look
Featured CP Company Aubergine Chrome Overshirt


The overshirt is a hybrid piece that can be extremely versatile and really add something year round. The garment can be worn over a sweat in early autumn and then be shifted to more of a layering piece once the winter weather arrives. The overshirt can also be that added bit of colour, without going to over the top or can be used to break up an outfit with a new texture or pattern. We have picked out a few for you to check out below,

The Down Puffer Look
Featured Paul & Shark Reflective Down Jacket


Traditionally stuffed with Down Feathers the Down Jacket is a insulated yet relatively lightweight jacket. Over the past few years the down feathers have begun to be replaced with synthetic filler due to the environmental and ethical impact but this has in no way reduced the effectiveness of these jackets as cold repelling and lightweight. This season has seen an eclectic mix of deigns and fabrics with a highlight being the metallic look which can be seen in the collections from Paul & Shark and Emporio Armani.

The Bomber Look
Featured Parajumpers Gobi Army Green Parka


The Bomber jacket has its roots in the airforce and was adapted from the original flight jacket. The flight jacket was aimed at keeping pilots warm in open cockpits and the key features of that jacket remain with wrap around collars, snug cuffs and waists and fur lined collars. The bomber jacket has been a key feature in a number of subcultures such as the skinhead movement in the 60’s. This season has seen a number of different interpretations of the bomber with each brand putting their own spin on the design. We have picked out a few for you to take a look at below,

The Quilted Look
Featured Peak Performance Helium Red Down Jacket


In a similar mould to the down puffer jacket this is a jacket is lined with down or synthetic down but is normally not as large and can be slightly more loose fitting at both the waist and the cuffs. The quilted jacket are able to combine the down lining with a run of stitching that is usually decorative giving it a quilted look. This allows you to add a texture to your outfit using these jackets that you may not get from a puffer jacket and they can also be combined with a heavier jacket, almost like a liner, to add layering to your outfit, due to the lightweight nature of the jacket. We have picked out a few from our collection for you to take a look at below,

The Technical Look
Featured CP Company Mille Miglia Sage & Black 50 Fili Jacket


The technical jacket has seen a rise in the menswear world over the past few years, this has been driven by the likes of Stone Island and C.P. Company but is now being embraced by many in the menswear landscape. The way you would define a technical jacket is one that has an added technology to it’s composition, generally the material but you can also see these types of jackets having taped seams and other features that make it slightly different than your standard jacket. These are the perfect jacket for those of you that like to have an added extra and is also suited to the autumn/winter season as the technical elements mean that it is weather proof and durable. We have picked out a few from our collection for you to check out below,

The Parka Look
Featuring CP Company Shearling Brown 50 Fili Jacket


The Parka is one jacket that is instantly recognisable with its long fit and fur lined hood it is easy to see why it is such a staple year after year for winter. The parka was invented by the Inuit people of Northern Canada and is a very functional, warm and sometimes rain resistant jacket. It has been adopted by subcultures with the 60’s Mod culture favouring the jackets as it was cheap and protected the smarter clothing underneath and 90’s Britpop scene became synonymous with the jacket due to the frequent wearing from the likes of the Gallagher brothers. Easily styled with a shirt, pair of jeans and trainers for a causal look. Take a look at some of the parkas on offer below,

The Shearling Look
Featuring Belstaff Arne Brown Calf Leather Bomber Jacket


The shearling collared jacket is an American classic that can be closely associated with the Air Force due to it’s practicality when keeping out the wind and cold. On top of this it has been given an iconic status by actors and celebrities that have worn it down the years including Steve McQueen and James Dean. Due to the shearling collar the jackets can be at a premium cost but they are well worth it and are made with the best materials. We have pulled a few of our collection for you to have a look at below,