We had an Eastender turn up to our Notting Hill store and before the staff knew it, they had been charmed into getting Joey Branning (or David Witts as his mates call him) fitted for a suit for his upcoming appearance at the Inside Soap Awards.

Joey made a bee-line straight to the Hugo Boss suits and Woodhouse were more than happy to help him look his very best.

David Witts chatted along as Matt Dykes, our assistant store manager, fitted him in his favourite brand, Hugo Boss“I find it hard to get a good fit on a suit but Hugo Boss fit really well. Good quality and stylish too” 

A chance to meet a star from Eastenders doesn’t come around every day so Woodhouse really wanted to know a little bit more about David Witts and asked we asked him a few questions.

Out of your Co-Workers who is the best dressed?

“Hetti Bywater – easily” 

If you want to see how stylish she is, click here

What labels do you like that Woodhouse Sells?

“Big fan of the Hugo Boss suit but I’d probably wear anything from Woodhouse”

How do you rate yourself as a dresser?

“Not great. Definitely need somebody to tell me what to wear”

David was delighted with the fit of his suit and for someone that claims they are “not great” at styling themselves, he came out looking absolutely fantastic in his Hugo Boss suit.

David Witts had a good look through our collections and then left a happy man.

Just before he left, we did have one last question for David. We wanted to know if he fancied his chances at winning Inside Soap’s “Sexiest Male” award. We got a confident smile but he wasn’t giving anything away. Good luck to you from all the team at Woodhouse.