Levi Strauss & Co is one of the most renowned fashion brands of all time and synonymous with all things American (think James Dean and Motorbikes) whilst also being the originators of the quintessential American garment – the blue jean.

The company really came into its own when Levi Strauss, following the news of the Californian Gold Rush, relocated to San Francisco with the ingenious idea of setting up stores to supply the miners with hard-wearing clothing. In 1872 Strauss went into business with one of his regular customers Jacob Davis and the two men set up a manufacturing facility creating their original design of copper riveted “waist overalls” or jeans as they’re now known.

The company shot to the forefront of the public psyche in the early 1950’s when wearing denim was banned from schools across America due to its association with the portrayal of juvenile delinquents at the time. By the mid 1960’s the brand had overcome this and become the ultimate symbol of a young, active, American way of life.

Today with over 140 years in the industry Levi’s is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the world, representing nothing but pure quality and style.

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