It would be nice to think that any time soon we’ll be ditching our jackets and catching a perfectly uneven t-shirt tan, but as we know, the wonderful British weather means we’ll probably be holding on to our jackets a little bit (or quite a lot) longer. Layering up in spring is a tricky one, it’s kind of warm, but kind of cold… and lightweight nylon jackets generally just don’t cut it if your style is on the smarter end of the spectrum. If this cover-up conundrum sounds familiar to you then fear not, as we’ve selected some kind of lightweight, kind of not, kind of super-stylish jackets that are perfect for spring in our ‘Lightweight Luxe’ edit below.



One of the most popular outerwear styles of late – light, down-filled and/or quilted jackets are the perfect stylish solution when stepping out on cold-ish, windy spring days. This style of jacket is best suited to daytime outings, on one of those more fortunate days when the rain is giving it a rest.

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If you’re looking for something a little bit special for spring-time nights and smarter occasions, then go for a light-leather or suede jacket. These super-luxe layers provide the right amount of warmth to beat the wind in-between bars without ruining your going-out outfit.

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock over the past couple of weeks, you’ll probably have woken up to many dark and relentlessly rainy mornings, wondering why the hell you don’t have a waterproof jacket that isn’t a massive coat fit for the arctic. Avoid getting caught-out by the rain or having to compromise on style over the coming months by investing in a wax or water repellent jacket.

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