At Woodhouse we’re huge fans of Luke 1977, it’s a brand that never disappoints in delivering brilliant collections season after season.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Luke Roper (the man behind the brand) and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a nice relaxed Q&A session to help you get to know more about the brains behind the brand.

How did you get into the business?

My mum was a wedding dress maker/designer so I grew up in a house full of fabric, sewing machines and the occasional pin in my foot. This didn’t put me off though! With this all around me I soon took an interest in how things were made and put together, I got hooked on pattern cutting and started making clothes from then on. I think I was 13 when I made my first shirt.

Describe your job? Average day?

Arrive for work 7.30am/7.45am and hit the ground running by working on my emails from the factories in the Far East. I spend most of the day designing but I also work on fits and production, as I like to take ownership of the product from start to finish.

What’s the best bit about it?

No two days are the same and no two collections are the same. This pushes me to the limit as I strive to achieve the very best product that I can. This is the best part of the job (pushing myself to my limits).

What’s the future for Luke77?

We have a very solid UK business with excellent distribution, so we are working on growing our global business. The USA & China are two exciting markets we are building.

What is your life philosophy?

Never to waste any talents you have, to work hard and equally play hard. I love both aspects to be honest – fair, firm and kind all at once.

Any sporting heroes?

Gazza & Besty. Geniuses that loved life and lived on the edge.

Your greatest sporting achievement?

Finishing my first London marathon.

 Tell me about your record breaking cat fish!

“It was an overweight big bellied slimey brute” (this was the quote from the catfish when asked about me his captor ha-ha).

Do you read? What are you reading?

I like autobiographies. I’ve just read Chris Evans 2nd book, fantastic. I have a lot of time for him as his positivity is infectious. Negative people wear me down!

Ideal night out?

Meal with the wife (in case she’s reading this!). Life is so fast at the moment it’s great to get out together as it’s the only time we get chance to talk about things. It’s scary how time flies the busier and older you get! I’ve also been known to enjoy the odd night out in the pub with the lads. Saturday afternoon in the Ecky my old local watching the scores come in takes some beating (followed by a madras).

Ideal holiday?

Puerto Pollensa with the family or fishing in France with the lads.

Your jokes are legendary, tell me one.

I can’t think of a clean one! Is it after 9pm? Come over here and I’ll tell you a classic…

Surprise me with a random Luke fact that I don’t know?

I was struck by lightning on June 10th 1993 at 19.25. Jimmy Nail was banging out Crocodile Shoes at Number 1, I was banging out 5 million volts.


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