Lyle and Scott have teamed up with work wear afficionados Universal Works to create this highly sought after capsule collection, inspired by old-school golf attire with a nod back to David Keyte’s (founder of Universal Works) football fashion memories. “Many years ago, as a young man watching football and dressing in the best clothing I could afford, I wanted to wear the best knitwear I could get and looked longingly at the classic Lyle & Scott knits. Recently I met the guys behind the brand and when they suggested we work together on some pieces I was delighted to re-live that early love of the brand.”

The collection sees the snowflake and argyle merged to create a completely new knit-pattern and classics re-worked. Both brands are quintessentially British and their DNA runs strongly throughout this collection taking on Lyle and Scott’s use of only the best materials combined with Universal Works ethos of wearable durability.


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