MA.Strum began in 2008, specialising in technical outerwear and apparel. The brand is led and owned by CEO John Sharp who is a keen Massimo Osti enthusiast. With Mr Sharp at the helm the brand approached Studio Osti (which is run by Massimo’s son Lorenzo) with a view of collaborating. The team at Studio Osti embraced this and MA.strum’s ambition to create pioneering garments very much in the Osti vein was realised.

Since those early days MA.strum have expanded globally to become one of the most popular brands in the menswear market creating outstanding collections season after season.

Here is a sneak peak of what they have lined up for this coming Autumn/Winter.

Ma-Strum-Fall-2015-Preview-0-960x640 Ma-Strum-Fall-2015-Preview-2-960x640 Ma-Strum-Fall-2015-Preview-3-960x640 Ma-Strum-Fall-2015-Preview-5-960x640 Ma-Strum-Fall-2015-Preview-7-960x640 Ma-Strum-Fall-2015-Preview-8-960x640