MA Strum3

Massimo Osti, a name revered in the world of menswear, a visionary who fused together science and fashion, changing the latter forever. Osti is the man behind sportswear powerhouses, C.P. Company and Stone Island but it is a brand founded 3 years after his death that we are focusing on today, MA.Strum.

MA.Strum was founded in 2008, as part of the Massimo Osti archive, with the idea that the brand would pay homage to Osti’s work and be inspired by the archive. Steered by John Sharp, Donrad Duncan and Lorenzo Osti, the brand took off. Whilst the brand was crafted in the image of Massimo Osti and his archive, the designs take their own path with the influences of the brands wardens coming across.

The brands ideology and ethos can be found in its name that gives a nod to the rhythm of life and touches on the continued link between fashion and music. MA is the abbreviated title a Master of Arts degree would get and Strum represents rhythm.

MA Strum

John Sharp, took sole ownership of the brand not long after the first collections and as a self-proclaimed Osti nut, he also purchase, Boneville, another of Osti’s brands, has continued to develop the brand across the world, allowing the legacy to continue as initially planned.

At the forefront of the collection you’ll find technical outerwear, the cornerstone of any Osti collection, with a distinct military feel to the garments. The usual standout colours can be found across the range, with bold oranges, rich burgundies, bright blues and deep purples found. The utility of the jackets does nothing to devalue the style aspect and if anything continues to add to the overall detail of the jackets.

Far from the only garments worth talking about in the MA.Strum collection they also offer a vast collection of sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and accessories. In much the same way that CP and Stone Island developed a highly functional collection with signature badges, MA.Strum has done the same.

You’ll find the latest seasonal collections from MA.Strum here at Woodhouse.