Men’s grooming – The Do’s & Dont’s

In recent years the world has seen a boom in recognising the importance of Men’s grooming. Long gone are the days of grizzled, aged, and hardened appearances and instead, men are opting to find a balance and care for themselves at the same time. The problem is for a lot of guys the world of grooming can be a minefield full of confusing products, snake oils, and questionable advice. So here at Woodhouse, we’ve put together some of the basics to help you on your way:

  1. Moisturise your skin – Moisturiser is essential to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Its basic function is to help treat your skin when its dry and help keep (you guessed it) moisture locked in to prevent it drying out again.

Do – Moisturise once or twice daily! It’s most important after taking a bath or shower as that’s when the water strips all the natural oils from our face. By moisturising once or twice daily there’s way less risk of developing dry or oily skin as well as acne.

Don’t – overdo it! Not only will using too much moisturiser leave your face looking like a slip & slide, but it will also over time make your skin lazy and eventually produce less moisture of its own. Remember, a little bit of the right product goes a long way!

Here are a few of our personal skincare recommendations to help you on your way…

2. Use a Shave Balm – For the unfamiliar, a shave balm is the crucial last step in your shaving routine to leave you with that fresh face feeling. Without a quality shave balm, you’re further drying out your skin which can leave it open to irritation and those dreaded razor burns.

Do – Use a shave balm after every shave! Believe it or not, dragging a razor blade up and down your skin repeatedly a few times a week is bound to cause some irritation. Applying a shave balm after every shave is a sure-fire way to prevent this irritation and keep skin soft and healthy.

Don’t – Leave your skin dry and unprotected! During shaving, our skin takes a bit of a beating and is often left feeling tight and dry by the end of it. Its important post-shave to apply a shave balm to repair the minor damage we’ve done and to reduce the chance of razor burn and those irritating ingrown hairs.

Here are a few favourites to make your next shave flawless…

3. Use a hair product – Using hair products can enhance a man’s appearance by altering and sculpting the hair to make it more visually appealing and stylish. With a variety of products on the market, it’s easier than ever to nail that style you’re going for!

Do – Use a product! Using a product makes it easier to create and maintain a style without hair falling flat and ending up all over the place. Take some time when you’re styling your hair to really make sure you nail the look.

Don’t – Use the wrong product! Long gone are the days of universal 90s hair gel. With a variety of products on the market it can be difficult to pick one that works for your hair type, so do some research on what will work for you and the look you’re going for. If you’re still unsure ask your barber for advice as they’re going to know what’s best.

We recommend the following to help you nail the look you’re going for…

4. Keep your facial hair in check – Unkempt facial hair in many cases can make a man tired and worn down. For a well-groomed appearance keeping that facial hair looking neat is of the utmost importance.

Do – Keep things neat and tidy! Having facial hair will require regular maintenance but with some practice, it’s not too difficult to keep on top of things from home. Make sure to trim and shape your facial hair regularly to help with appearance. For example, if you’ve got a full beard remember to define your neckline and cheeks using a razor or trimmer to help accentuate your facial structure.

Don’t – Leave things unattended! Just like your luggage at the airport, leaving things unattended is going to result in a bad time. Make sure to take some time to keep things looking fresh on a weekly basis or so. For longer facial hair types, beard oil can help soften, untangle, and moisturise hair to keep things looking top-notch.

Here are a few products to help keep things in check…

5. Use an aftershave/ cologne – Grooming isn’t just about appearance but its also about the way you smell. Fragrance is an invisible part of our style and not one to be overlooked. A good aftershave offers numerous benefits: from making you smell good, feel more confident, to even making you more attractive.

Do – Use a quality aftershave. According to the research study they published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal, it showed that women rate olfactory (fancy Latin for smell) cues as the 1# most important aspect in partner choice. While it’s nice to be more attractive, having a nice fragrance helps with an overall sharp and put-together impression also, making it a no-brainer for a well-groomed man.

Don’t – Use too much aftershave. Don’t let your scent enter a room before you do. Having too much aftershave on can be a real overpowering statement, as well as this it can even give people migraines or allergic reactions. If you think you’ve accidentally put too much on simply grab a couple of sheets of toilet paper, dampen them under the tap and dab at the area of skin the fragrance is applied, this should bring things down a few notches.