New brand for aw13: Descente Dual-Ism Project

The back story

Founded in 1935, Descente presents itself as a sportswear manufacturer with a rich pedigree. Focusing on kinetic functionality, comfort, durability and a fit that gives the wearer an unprecedented amount of freedom, Descente develop their products with the input of top athletes in an effort to produce the ultimate outerwear. Their product development process draws on the experiences of sportspeople from a multitude of disciplines, from skiing through to track & field. Understanding the diverse movements and requirements from some of the world’s top athletes drives the dedication to craftsmanship, which in turn has led to Descente products being used by Olympic and other national sports teams across the world. Headed up by acclaimed designer Yoshinori Ono, or YONO for short, Descente’s dedication to their craft is apparent in the unique looks and superlative build quality you will find across the Dual-ism range.

The products

The Dual-ism Project pulls together the minds of two powerhouses, Desente – a functional athletic apparel manufacturer and YONO, a leading edge apparel designer, both of which actively seek to employ the outdoor ‘field style’ in everyday life. Armed with a philosophy of ‘Primal Futurism’, YONO takes his influences from military wear, working clothes that date back to WW2 and his own exploration into bridging streetwear to extreme outerwear, expanding the boundaries of everyday garment design and laying it down with a technical precision that speaks for itself. What also sets YONO’s work aside is the discerning selection of materials he chooses to use, blended with traditional processing techniques that have been handed down from ancient Japanese textile mastercraftsmen. The end result is a jacket like no other, with a credible back-story that’s steeped in heritage and purpose. The recipe for a real success story? We think so.

The Video

Consisting of 2 focused outerwear product lines, this Autumn / Winter Collection incorporates the undercurrent of ‘Urban Mobility’, introducing fabrics such as kevlar, shape memory polyester and high density waterproof cotton. Not only that, ergonomic 3D technical patterns have been utilised to reflect the changing weather conditions. The highlight of the whole collection from our point of view is our Competition Prize, the Mizusawa Down Jacket, featuring premium down thermo bond non quilt (90% down, 10% feather) with a revolutionary concept made by Descente Mizusawa factory in Japan. This style is composed of 4-way stretch polyester fabric which is laminated, specifically designed for warmth and extreme comfort as well as high resistance.

The Competition