The Original Croc

At just 20 years old, Rene Lacoste was not only considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of the era with his unmistakable on-court elegance and style, but also as a brilliant inventor. Having obtained a patent, the somewhat simple cotton shirt he conceived in the mid-20s became an instant classic, opening the doors of many unchanged wardrobe for decades to come. This season sees a celebration of his work, focusing on the L:12:12 editions: ‘L’ standing for Lacoste, ‘1’ the petite Pique Material from which is was manufactured, ‘2’ for each of the short sleeves and ’12’ for the amount of trials taken place to get the product perfect. From its grass-roots beginning, the core Lacoste Collection as we see it today demonstrates an unwavering dedication to maintaining the work that Rene started when he set out to revolutionise technical sportswear. Autumn/Winter ’13 brings together an amalgamation of colour and fits, with this season’s hot primary red colour featuring heavily, offset by neutral whites, greys and dark greens, perfect for the cooler months. The theme for this season: studied precision and nonchalance. Enveloping the body to emphasise key features, playing on layering and creating, in essence, tomorrow’s vision of yesterday. We see the signature Pique polo in all guises, notably with a high collar stand and a colour palette that echoes the change in seasons. This collection is perfect for the loyal Lacoste follower and for those who see more than just an item of clothing, but a lifestyle and heritage attached to the product.

Lacoste L!VE

Ever wanted to live vicariously? Now is the time to do so. Lacoste L!ve focuses on the playful character of Rene Lacoste, allowing his personality to really transcend time and shine through in today’s vibrant world. This AW13 season sees a shift from last season’s Toyko to a new destination – Reykjavik, Iceland, seeking a new rhythm and attitude that reflects the life-blood of Lacoste L!ve. In this journey we see some of the most futuristic, energised and wacky artists collaborating with L!ve to produce a new collection that is unmistakable. With patterned knits, stand out prints, more cuts and colours than you can shake an Icelandic plunge pool at and a story that gives this signature Lacoste line a genuine richness, you’d be hard pushed to feel anything but stylish this season. What makes Lacoste L!ve a standout collection from the others is the ethos of taking tradition, giving it a twist and presenting something that’s altogether innovative and iconic. In a world that seeks individuality, L!ve gives us a collection that shouts originality and audacity, striking a certain irreverent tone. Challenge the idea of normality and choose Lacoste L!ve.

Lacoste Footwear

What you wear on your feet can really add the finishing touches to your outfit. With this in mind, it’s important that you sign off on style wearing the right pair of shoes. This season, Lacoste footwear bring us their very latest styles for AW13, with a shift to more sturdy, Autumn-proof footwear that’ll set you up for the cooler months, without compromising on style. Not only that, we see a natural shift towards a smarter boot as we head out of the flip flops and indoors whilst the rain threatens to call an early finish to our soaringly hot Summer. For those of you who have a particular inclination towards the ‘fuller shoe’, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this season’s collections. From plimsolls through to top notch leather ankle boots and smart shoes, we’re fully stocked and ready to take on the transition. Enjoy!

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