A tradition dating back 4,000 years, New Year’s resolutions are promises we make every year to better ourselves. As we enter a New Year you should never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction and with our help, you can also take your wardrobe in a new direction. These five resolutions will help you feel great, take a chance, and be your best self, with a new wardrobe to match.


Buy Less, Buy Better

Start the New Year off by choosing a path that will give you more enjoyment and a deeper connection to your wardrobe. Make this year the year you buy less and buy better. Buying better means taking into account the impact your purchase will have on the world around you. Choosing a garment should be based on suitability rather than whims.

Pick pieces based on quality over quantity and, of course, think about your personal style. The first step is to look at the rest of your wardrobe, which will require some introspection and self-knowledge. Does the new item actually fill a void in your wardrobe? Do you think it works with the rest of your wardrobe? Will it last the test of time?

With our premium brands list, you’ll find timeless classics that are true lifetime pieces. Barbour and Belstaff specifically offer pieces infused with the promise of premium fabrics, technical excellence and luxury aesthetic.


Mindful Menswear

This New Year, why not try, to be more mindful when it comes to menswear? There’s something oddly satisfying about deciding how your purchase affects the planet. With a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, shopping like a mindful materialist is the perfect place to start. Think about the environmental impacts of making (raw material creation, processing and manufacture), wearing and caring (use) and the disposal of the purchases you make.

Made with care, there’s an abundance of sustainable fashion options from our premium bands portfolio that will lessen your carbon footprint on our cherished mother earth. From total transparency to the use of innovative eco-friendly and ethical technologies Nudie Jeans Co, Veja and Paul & Shark offer a range of wardrobe must-haves from head to toe, that fosters a path towards a sustainable future.


Dopamine Dressing

Forget the New Years’ blues and wear clothes that boost your happiness with “Dopamine Dressing”.The term is a trend that has blossomed over the past year and is the idea of instilling joy through what we wear. Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain that reinforces behaviours that make you feel good.

Feel-good hormones can impact your self-image, so consider colours that you are drawn to if you don’t know where to start. Think about how it makes you feel, experiment with textures and fun graphics and capture your personality. Be colourful and bold, but most importantly, have fun with it.

A brand well-versed in eccentric, colourful, unique and striking pieces PS Paul Smith, offers dopamine-infused pieces perfect to boost your mood, while Billionaire Boys Club and its universal companion ICECREAM offer bold graphics, vibrant colours and loud pieces to entice euphoria.



Hike the Trail

Why not hike the trails over the stair master, expanding your terrain from the gym to the great outdoors? An adventurous twist on the traditional resolution of putting fitness at the forefront of the new year’s, new you. Unplug and step out into the wilderness, to find yourself or bring along a pal to share in all the wonders of the hike.

Whether you’re a woodland wanderer or a small-town trekker Columbia, has you covered with their functional and fashionable options that evoke confidence for the trail.  And release your innovative eccentric spirit and sense of adventure with Grammici’s range of hard-wearing pieces that are perfect for exploring rural and urban landscapes alike.



Back to Basics

Did you open your wardrobe this New Year to find that you were drowning in options? Why not strip back to the basics? Building a solid base of wardrobe basics can help you to organise and streamline your options.

Think key pieces that you can easily be thrown into your daily rotation, from underwear to outerwear and everything in between, in complementary tones and colourways is the perfect place to start.

Remember versatility that can transcend the seasons and help you take those steps towards a new you that’s ready for the new year and beyond. Refresh your basics with our range of premium essentials, not forgetting the big players in wardrobe staples BOSS and Polo Ralph Lauren for your one-stop shop for luxury menswear.

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