Nudie Jeans is the creation of Gothenburg based designer Maria Erixon, and since its launch in 2001 has achieved nothing short of cult-like status.

Inspiration for this collection comes far from the world of glamour and catwalks… Nudie Jeans believe denim to age more beautifully than any other fabric so emphasize the way their jeans improve with age. As these jeans are shaped by your lifestyle they mould to suit your individual style and movement.

All collections reflect the ethos and philosophy of Nudie Jeans. Rather than looking to conventional trend setter’s Nudie designers take ideas from in music and movies. Inspiration is also taken from the inexhaustible history of denim, and of course from all Nudies dedicated fans who literally wear the jeans until they fall apart.

This is much more than a brand of jeans. It offers a way of thinking, and an underlying passion, fuelled by the traditions of denim and the life of the fabric itself. These jeans reflect authentic and true stories.

Nudie Jeans recognise cotton fibres usually last much longer than people tend to wear them and are always working towards more sustainable consumption. In addition to this they work closely with Amnesty International on various non-profit projects promoting human rights all over the world.

Nudie jeans have become something of an essential wardrobe item here in the Woodhouse offices…. as hard wearing as they are stylish, Nudie will always be true to the traditional values of jeans. Amazing quality from such an ethically sound company………… you can’t say fairer than that.

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