There is something about eating like a caveman that is innately wired in us as men. Being able to fend for oneself so to speak by hunting and gathering food is a masculine trait that deep down every bloke wants to both possess and be able to fulfil. Simultaneously eating like we may have done back when we hadn’t yet learnt to cultivate and process food like we do now is almost become a fashion within itself. Organic locally sourced food focussed on being fresh and natural is seeing a big boom as we try to rid our cupboards of the all too readily available processed foods in the pursuit of eating clean and staying lean.

Along with CrossFit, the Paleo Diet has exploded in popularity in recent years. The immediate appeal is clear, with advocates claiming improvements in size, body shape, insulin sensitivity, energy and all round general health. The principles of the diet are fairly straightforward, plenty of lean meats with loads of vegetables, some fish, seeds, nuts, oils and a small amount of fruit, whilst avoiding dairy, legumes, wheat and sugar. Basically the aim is to eat similar foods that would have been consumed millennia ago by our ancestors.


CrossFitters will frequently adhere to the paleo diet as it provides the necessary nutrients to fuel recovery after intense training sessions. Lean meats provide a large amount of protein and essential amino acids to fuel muscle growth, repair and recovery. Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes help to replenish energy stores whilst also providing a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Paleo Protein

So, if you’re a busy CrossFitter following the Paleo Diet, what sort of supplements should you be using? There’s certainly enough activity and intensity involved with CrossFit to warrant taking extra protein, but the Paleo Diet rules out dairy, so traditional sources of protein such as whey will be off the menu. Instead, you may like to try beef protein, or egg white protein. Alternatively, you could try both sources combined with some natural dark chocolate flavouring in the form of our specially designed Paleo Protein. Taking a serving of protein immediately after training can help to kick start muscle protein synthesis.

Other supplements we’d recommend taking are Omega 3 fish oils to support general health and wellbeing. There’s a wealth of research behind the health benefits of these and the ingredients of the fish oil tablets fit with Paleo principles. We’d recommend taking two tablets every morning and another two every evening. Carrying around natural snack items such as beef jerky and biltong is also advisable to keep you from falling victim to temptation from sugary snacks.

So, is the Paleo Diet a good lifestyle choice for a CrossFitter? Yes, the diet provides the nutrition a CrossFitter will need to recover, build muscle and ultimately improve exercise performance. You’ll also be sure of support as Paleo dieters are incredibly active online, sharing hints, tips and advice in how to best stick with it and see the results you’re after.

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