Originally founded in a small knitting mill located in the village of Masnago, Milan, Paul & Shark focused on producing high quality garments with fashionable style and flair which are synonymous with famous Italian elegance. Designers mixed classic elements from sportswear with a touch of street glamour which created some of the timeless collections that we see today.

Inspired and created for high performance clothing for yachting, water plays a key role with the development of collections and the fabrics that are produced, especially in creating the waterproof knitwear for which Paul & Shark is known for. State of the art equipment is produced to ensure that all yarns, fabric, clothing and packaging are perfect which in turn means that the thousands of loyal customers keep coming back for more of the expert craftsmanship.


Some of these key features can be found in our A/W 15 Collection where many of the t-shirts and wool jumpers are created with a Kompact Technology cotton. This means that not only is the yarn more durable but this also stops “bobbling” from occurring.

An infinitely practical, desirable and classically stylish brand, it appeals to a range of tastes. Many items from this year’s collection have also been created using a brushed back cotton fabric which is perfect for Winter as it means that the items are warmer and softer but the wearer can also remain stylish all through the changing weather conditions.


Along with the well-known nautical theme that is present throughout the collection, the iconic logo has been used in both small and large print, appealing to those who wish for a low key sense of branding.


No matter what your sense of style, there’s going to be something for you to choose from. As a timeless icon, Paul & Shark own unmistakable authenticity, and true to the brands spirit it is born resistance to any adventure.  Have a look and let us know what your favourite piece is!