Ralph Lauren – Celebrating An American Dream


When thinking of American style there isn’t a brand that captures the imagination quite like Polo Ralph Lauren, it is the quintessential American brand. The founder, Ralph Lauren was born in New York, the iconic American city where dreams are made in true rags to riches fashion. He started with a line of ties, operating out of the Empire State Building in 1968, getting his big break a year later when department store Bloomingdale’s gave him an in-store boutique. From this point Ralph Lauren and his eponymous brand went from strength to strength.

The association with collegiate fashion and style began in 1972, when Lauren promoted his range of polo shirts with the campaign tag “Every team has its colour – Polo has seventeen”. The polo shirts were some of the first lines in his menswear collections that sported the Polo Player logo, which has become a staple in menswear ever since.

The 90’s saw an expansion in Ralph Lauren’s range and garnered interest in other areas of the fashion landscape with the introduction of Polo Sport (1992), a range aimed at breaking into the activewear world, Ralph Lauren Purple Label (1995), a range for men featuring tailored suits and made to order accessories and luggage and Lauren Ralph Lauren (1996), originally aimed at women until the introduction of Polo Women and offered dresses, denim and accessories.

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This season Ralph Lauren celebrates its 50 year anniversary and has pulled on influences from throughout the past 5 decades for their AW18 collection. In it we see the same classic Ralph styles featuring the signature Polo Player emblem, but there is also an increased focus on the Polo Bear, Hi-Tech and Crossed Flags aspects of the collection. The collection as a whole oozes Ralph Lauren in it’s many different facets and guises. It’s a collection for all fans of the brand be that the preppy Ralph fans or fans that pull influence from the 90’s hype caused by the Lo-Life Crews.

Here at Woodhouse, Ralph Lauren is certainly a brand that is constantly celebrated with a keen eye cast on the upcoming collections, anticipating the new directions that the brand takes whilst still producing classic styles season on season. So much so that we decided to pull together a few of our favourite pieces and do a shoot, take a look at some of the images below,

Polo Ralph Lauren Red Logo Crew Sweatshirt
Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Logo Overhead Hoodie
Polo Ralph Lauren Yellow & Navy The Iconic Rugby Shirt
Polo Ralph Lauren Wildcat Crew Green Sweatshirt
Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Bear Beanie
Polo Ralph Lauren Bear Custom Slim Fit Red Polo Shirt
Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Navy & Green Check Oxford Shirt
Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Pennant Patch Backpack
Polo Ralph Lauren Cord Fun Cap
Polo Ralph Lauren Burgundy Red Tech Fleece Hoodie
Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Gilet
Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Cord Cap

With 50 years of excellence from the American fashion house we are very much hoping that the next 50 years are as iconic and influential.