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This June, Salford Quays played host to perhaps one of its more extraordinary events of the year. For anybody who found themselves at Media City, a luring chant of 1 – 2 -1 -2 and banging of an echoing drum could not fail to have attracted the most un-inquisitive of passers-by.

In ancient China, Dragon Boats were used for religious purposes as a way of appeasing the Rain Gods – for this drizzly Saturday morning it seemed the Gods were not listening. The day saw 15 corporate teams comprising of up to 16 rowers and one brave drummer pitted against each other in head to head races. Over the day, teams raced against one another to post a fastest time, the top four teams being entered into the major final.




After a day of fiercely contested rowing, the final culminated in a four boat race between team ITV, team Barclays, team Rothschild and the team from Woodhouse –  Ready Oar Not. The four boats were steadied into position. With the sun out the Rain Gods were obviously satisfied with every teams efforts and now the adrenaline was flowing you could be sure no team was willing to lose. On the starting marshal’s ‘Go’ each team fired into action – paddles thrashing desperately into the water. At the halting cry of the finisher, no team was clear of who was the winner. After some waiting around the teams were gathered and the finishing places were read. Only half a second separated the top 3 places with the ITV team pipping team Ready Oar Not to the win by just one fifth of a second!




Dragon Boat Racing is now Britain’s fastest growing corporate activity and is a fantastic means of bringing a work team together in a competitive yet all-encompassing environment. With many generous donations and a seriously competitive Bake Off the team from Woodhouse are very pleased to have raised over£700 for The University Hospital of South Manchester.




The team at Woodhouse would like to thank everyone who has supported them and are very much looking forward to the next fundraising opportunity – whether it be to lend their muscles, raise their oars,or getting their bake on.