Slim Vs Straight

Denim jeans have been a staple in virtually every man’s wardrobe for basically an eternity now. But even after seemingly managing to find their way through every fashion trend of the last century two styles still reign supreme. This week we take a look at our two bestselling fits the slim and the straight, and we talk about which style is right for you, how to wear them and which brands do them best.

The Slim –

Probably the most popular style of jeans we’ve seen in recent years, Slim Fit denim offers a variety of styling and pairing options which makes them universally easy to wear.

Slim fit denim has the benefit of fitting a vast array of different body types and styling choices. Whether you’re tall or short, skinny or round, chances are slim fit jeans are going to work well for you as long as you get your sizing right! The only thing worth noting is if you have particularly large thighs & depending on the brand things might appear a bit too tight around the top, (sorry gym bros).

For an everyday stylish look try pairing your slim-fit jeans with a clean plain t-shirt. Having a bit of extra room doesn’t hurt either, relaxed fit t-shirts are great for casual settings and will help hide any post-lockdown chub many of us have accumulated. Pair this with a contrasting and open-worn overshirt for a well put together top-half. For the bottom half consider cuffing the jeans for a clean tapering look, a couple neat rolls or so should do it. Finish the outfit with a pair of slim-profile trainers, try to stay away from anything too bulky at this point still. For a smarter evening look try pairing your slim-fit jeans with a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, a pair of stylish Grenson brogues, and finish with your choice of accessories.

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The Straight –

Just like its Slim counterpart, the straight jean has also lasted through more trends and fads then you can shake a stick at. Like the name suggests the jeans are completely straight from thigh to ankle, no taper, no nothing. With the right styling straight cut jeans can really compliment an array of different outfits.

Straight jeans are perfect for bigger built guys because of the added room around the thighs, so it can be a lot easier to balance with the top half and create a dashing silhouette. If you’re a smaller guy you can still wear them but be careful how you’re balancing things because otherwise you might look a bit swamped if you don’t have the right layering.

It’s best to combine straight jeans with loose-fitting layers. If you wear straight jeans with tight upper layers chances are things are going to look fairly out of proportion. Instead it’s best to opt for a loose-fitting knit, overshirt, or a sweat. For an outdoor-inspired fit try pairing your straight denim with a Filson check or plaid shirt, a white tee underneath for layering topped with a stylish cap for a casual upper. With straight jeans its best to avoid slim profiled shoes, instead we’d opt for a solid Red Wing boot to complete our outdoor-inspired look. For a more city-inspired look try pairing your straight jeans with a chunky knit sweat or roll neck from nn07. Pair this with a Clarks Original wallabee boot for a well put together but relaxed fit.

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