Almost don’t know where to begin with the excitement from this thrilling new trailer. Spectre stands for Special Executive for Counter intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, which is a rather double fitting title for 007’s new script. This film will be entirely based on Bond himself, as we will watch him on an undisclosed mission that seems to be unauthorised by MI6 and as a result may question his pursuit for his current lifestyle. There includes a crucial storyline in link with his childhood which we now know connects him to the 21 antagonists he faces in the Spectre organisation. Although Bond has more experience and wisdom, we will see Moneypenny, M and Q all risk their livelihood and careers for Bond to put a stop to this global criminal agency. The villain Franz Oberhausen, played by Christoph Waltz, has been seen in filming with white dots across his face which suggests that there will be some CGI treatment on the Leader of this organisation. Baddies from the past are on the cards, but the rumours we all want to find out is whether Blofeld will feature in this movie. He was seen in 3 previous Bond films mostly recognised with his turkish white cat, but his face was never shown. If that isn’t a chance to reintroduce him into Spectre I don’t know what is.


The Bond girls are always a talking point and as Dame Judi Dench, the longest running female, is no longer part of the cast we continue to follow Ms. Moneypenny who is making a second appearance in Spectre. Having played alongside Idris Elba in the Mandela film and previous performances in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, Naomie Harris has earned the role of a Bond girl. Monica Bellucci, who has been seen in the films of Matrix, is making history as the most mature Bond girl at 50 years of age, she will be playing Lucia who we will see has a feminine power over 007.  Holding a clue to untangling the web of the evil organisation is Madeleine Swann, daughter of Mr White who is an old nemesis of Bond, and was seen in the previous film’s, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale. Being a psychologist, Madeleine displays an understanding to James – she’s sure to stir things up for the reflecting spy. One other is Estrella, who we know little about but what we do know is that we will see her team up with 007’s antics in Mexico City. The movies typically kill off one of the females accompanying Bond in the films, perhaps this girl is to make a shocking exit during the pre-title sequence? The glamour that the Bond ladies are to represent have been selected in this collection of these more than capable women.


Not only are the girls the talking point every time a new film is released but James’ new car is always an important aspect that takes everyones interest. This year it was been revealed as the first cast member at the launch in December last year. Unveiled was the Aston Martin DB 10. A beautiful specimen which has been made developed specifically to mark the fifty-year collaboration with Bond films franchise, which all started in 1964’s film, Goldfinger with the DB 5.

Filming has taken place internationally from Austria, Rome and the Vatican to Mexico and Morocco, not forgetting London in various locations including round the corner from our Notting Hill Store, and of course the original home in top secret sets at Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire.


We all know the importance to James Bond of dressing sharp, and the nature of his profession means that practicality is essential when it comes to the spys attire. It is no surprise to see Daniel Craig taking a leaf from his characters book, wearing the Canada Goose blue lodge hoody in the mountain scenes of Austria. Not all of Bond’s encounters happen deep under sea or on top of a mountain and regularly we see the dapper dressed agent confront his enemies during formal events, the bad guys almost always as equally well dressed. Oberhausen has been seen to be wearing a very smart velvet blazer which can be replicated with Hugo Boss. An obvious brand which we have seen used in the films is Barbour. We always keep our eyes peeled for inspirations from such icons and I’m sure you all will too. Daniel Craig was seen at the launch wearing smart suit trousers, a shirt and knitted sweater. This look can easily be recreated with our very own brand the Dapper Stag.

As the 24th Bond film, Spectre will be released at the London Premiere on the 26th October 2015 which cannot come soon enough.