Happy 30th Anniversary to Mr Stone Island, Carlo Rivetti.

Since it’s inception in 1982 Stone Island has always been ahead of the game. If you have any doubts, we challenge you to name me a brand that has pushed the boundaries in Fabric technology as much as Stone island has over the last 30 years?

Here at Woodhouse Clothing we are very proud, delighted and excited to bring you the following SI AW12/13 30th ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS to help to celebrate this very significant milestone

30/30 JACKET

It is impossible to  deny that The 30/30 Jacket is the main headliner of the new AW12/13 collection. Two garments in one, both reversible, which can be worn in 30 DIFFERENT WAYS!

Seeing this Jacket up close is to recognise true craftsmanship and dedication, and it has a science all of its own. This piece is a perfect way to sum up the last 30 years and all the hard work and research that has gone into every Stone Island garment.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Carlo Rivetti had been working on this every year with this grand celebration in mind. What makes it so special? Get ready for this…. a Raso Gommato Cover, a cotton-based satin coated inside with a prismatic polyurethane film, garment dyed with double dyed formula, in thermo Reflective with a heat sensitive and reflective fabric knitted inside. Did you get all that? The research and technology that has gone into designing / producing this jacket is immense and it has to be seen to be believed.

See this awesome creation online at Woodhouse Clothing


In 1982 Stone Island launched their Iconic Tela Stella jacked in a new fabric that came in six colours. Tela Stella is the true origin of the Stone Island brand that we know and love today.

This is one of the most anticipated releases in many years. Stone Island have developed this into the ultimate pull over jacket, neatly finished with original 80’s style buttons and a limited addition commemorative badge. The Tela Stella jacket has a most unique look and considering its heritage is the classic of all classics. Available at Woodhouse for just one season this jacket will be available in four different colours, Ink, Yellow, Dark Green and Burgundy. Do not miss out on your chance to acquire a piece of Stone Island history.

The Woodhouse Stone Island Tela Stella Collection is now in stock.


Over the past 30 years SI have been renowned for producing high quality chunky knitwear and more recently their ground breaking technology has provided us with the ‘Reflective Jacket’…..now meet their love child, The Reflective Knit! This piece showcases every hour of research, blood, sweat and tears from Mr Rivetti and uses a reflective yarn built from glass microspheres that undergo a pressure heat process to melt the fibres. Adding a high performance windstopper to this makes it a truly unique and innovative piece of knitware.

So all in all there is plenty to get excited about with the awesome SI AW12/13 30th ANNIVERSARY Collection, especially as you will be able to purchase these items from online at Woodhouse Clothing, with next Day UK Courier Delivery as standard.