Stone Island’s Ice Jacket is an iconic piece of menswear and a stand out item in the brands innovative and unique history. The original Ice Jacket was designed in 1991 by Massimo Osti and was completely revolutionary at the time, onlookers were amazed as the jacket morphed drastically from pink to dark grey. As with most things Osti did, the jacket was met with great applause and the legacy of the original has been continued by Stone Island CEO Carlo Rivetti.

The general ethos of the jacket remains very much the same as it did in ’91, constructed from a thermo-chromatic fabric it enables colour change in response to changes in the temperature. We have two variations for this season, the Down Filled Red Ice Jacket is both water and wind resistant and features a fixed hood, it’s a jacket designed to protect you from the elements whilst still looking sharp. The second option is the Wool Blend Field Jacket, it’s a more stylish, slightly less technical version but has still undergone the thermo-chromatic resin treatment ensuring it changes colour with the temperature. Both of these jackets are highly sought after with each one featuring a special edition compass badge.

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