The Ivy League Look

The Ivy League look is a style that many keen fashion conscious gents aspire to create and perfect. Born out of the 1950’s in the United States, the origins of this style are said to have been founded in the universities and campuses. What would become the predecessor for the ‘preppy’ style, this look was defined with a few simple yet distinctive principles. The jackets would usually take on the form of a lightweight bomber style jacket, or the now iconic ‘G9 Harrington’. You could expect a white collared shirt to be teamed with a pastel coloured V-neck. The pants are typically cuffed and without pleats. It was also characterised by the use of natural fabrics, and a fine pair penny loafers or suede boots.

Baracuta is an ultimate Ivy League menswear fashion brand, inspired by the Mod era, of which the signature style was made globally famous by film icon Steve McQueen. A trend setter in his own right, McQueen helped to popularise the Baracuta brand, favouring the G9 Harrington jacket as one of his key looks, not only for his acting roles, but also as part of his everyday wardrobe. Unlike other stars of his era, Steve McQueen was the ‘real-life’ new type of anti-hero, who never attempted to be anything other than himself in many of his roles, equally with his wardrobe. With characters in The Great Escape, Bullitt, Le Mans and The Thomas Crown Affair, his ‘look’ for each role became his trademark. Even to date, a great number of men, whatever age and class origins, identify with him for his style, attitude and way of life, making him one of the coolest and stylish men of the modern era.

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Baracuta Black G9 Melton Mix Jacket

Rising from the murky smoke in Stockport in the 1930’s, the Baracuta brand has built itself on quality authentic craftsmanship. Rolling out the unmistakable Fraser Tartan in the 1937/38 editions gave the G9 jacket its real identity stamp. The mod-revivalists of today are not the only spearheads of the Harrington jacket ‘club’, these days we’re seeing a more mainstream audience, from Pharell Williams, Liam Gallagher to Jake Bugg, this jacket packs an undeniable punch, full of attitude and statement style.