Apple are back with another game changer in the form of their brand spanking new Apple Watch. Wearable technology has been in the pipeline for a long time with a few other companies getting in there before Apple for a change. The Samsung version has been about for a while now with the brand even venturing into virtual reality for their next project.

But how usable is wearable technology and what does this mean as far as style is concerned?

Apple have at least gone one step further than their competitors and added an element of choice. When purchasing your Apple Watch you can select from three different options Sport, Classic Apple Watch and the astronomically expensive Edition model. The sport watch is, as its name would suggest, a sportier option featuring an Aluminium case and a choice of five different coloured silicon straps. Next up is the classic Apple Watch which has a stainless steel casing, the silicon straps can also be used for this but there are a number of different choices including leather and our particular favourite the Milanese Loop.

The EDITION collection is one for the high flyers. Constructed from an 18 carat gold case in either yellow or rose it also features a high quality display which is protected by polished sapphire crystal no less!

The watch itself does everything we expected it to and a bit more besides, as you’d expect it already has a hoard of celebrity fans including Pharell Williams, Katy Perry and Karl Lagerfeld to name just a few.

At Woodhouse we’re still very much in the undecided camp. It’s undeniable that the watch itself has some cool features. It looks nice and, as we’ve come to expect with anything Apple produce, it is very well built.

This aside and despite its initial “cool new gadget desirability” it’ll still take a lot to convince purist watch purveyors to discard their Omega, Rolex and IWC in favour of an Apple Watch.

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