Many moons ago before time sapping inventions like Netflix triggered our current age of procrastination, a gent’s spare time was sacred. Seen as a chance to better oneself rather than veg out in front of an oversized HD screen, the importance of having a constructive hobby seems to have diminished over the years. Here at Woodhouse we think this is a crying shame! So, in an effort to rouse you from your binge watching coma, we’ve put together a list of the most accessible and perhaps most rewarding pass times any modern man can master.


Goes without saying, everyone loves a scoop. In fact, as the vast majority of us already have a concerted interest in drinking, setting up your home brewery could be the easiest place to start. Beer has been brewed at domestic level pretty much since its inception around 7,000 years ago, and really hasn’t changed much since. With starter kits available for well under £100 the only thing you’ll need to invest in this particular venture is time. And don’t worry non-beer drinkers, you can pretty much Home Brew whatever you want, yes that includes Gin!


An even more cost effective, yet equally masculine activity. I think it’s fair to say modern man has lost his connection with the great outdoors. We sometimes forget that, at one point, we lived, ate, and slept in the wilderness, hunting for our food and fighting for survival. In some way hiking re-connects us with what once was, the rejuvenating effect of a good long walk in the country is profound, blowing away the physical and mental cobwebs of the daily grind. What’s more, aside from potential travel costs, it’s completely free!


A sport with an undeserved reputation, many see Golf as a convoluted, etiquette heavy pass time for seniors. However, I can say from experience, there is far more to this addictive sport than meets the eye. The joy of golf, aside from the unquestionably dapper clothing, is the opportunity it gives you to shut out the stresses of everyday life. For a few hours your sole focus is improving your game; assessing angles, trusting your gut, and in some cases instantly reaping the fruits of your efforts. Golf can be frustrating, but at times it’s without doubt the most rewarding sport going.


Cycling has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years. In no small part thanks to the roaring success of Britain’s own Bradley Wiggins, more and more of us are getting out on the bike. Whether you’d prefer meandering down a quiet country lane or a swift thrash down a tight woodland track, the freedom cycling affords you is remarkable. Travelling under your own steam, even over a short distance, is incredibly satisfying not to mention the obvious physical benefits it affords.


Easily the most accessible activity on our list. It’s so simple to start cooking; pick a recipe, buy ingredients follow instructions, repeat and perfect, increasing in skill as you go. The rewards are endless too, mastering the art is good for your health, cost effective, and appealing to the ladies. There’s really no excuse in this day and age anyway, get yourself in the kitchen, you’ll surprise yourself!


Record collecting has been a trend that has grown considerably – over the past couple of years people have been buying into the nostalgic analogue medium of music. It comes down to taking care of what you listen to a little more and tangibly searching for new music, that way the serendipity when you find something new makes it even more rewarding. With Record Shop Day just a few days away there’s no better time to get involved. Take a look at our Vinyl Revival blog for a closer look into this authentic music method.

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