The Campsite Capsule

Festival season is well and truly upon us and wether or not your going to a couple or just the one, it’s time to start getting your festival essentials sorted (and no, we’re not talking about the crates of beer and multi-packs of Doritios). Nobody wants to be carrying a massive rucksack up and down a muddy hill and for that reason, we suggest creating yourself a ‘campsite capsule’ of just the necessities so that you can travel light but of course, still in style.


Here we’ve selected a few stylish festival must-haves to help ensure that your usually well-considered dress sense doesn’t slip due to a last minute packing┬ádisaster.

Pack it up…

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You can never be too sure…

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one (or two) for each day…

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Protect your peepers…

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Because theres no such thing as a festival good hair day…

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Stay cool in the crowds…

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A fresh pair…

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