The once-upon-a-time humble, sturdy fabric which was perfectly suited to the working man that over the years, has become a fully loaded cultural symbol donned by rock stars and leaders of fashion, is now the backbone of every man’s wardrobe. You can never have too much denim, and you know when it comes to your beloved jeans the wear you get out of them means they are far more worth the investment than any fleeting seasonal trend, that in a few years time (or months, or days…) will have you questioning what the hell you were thinking.


The arrival of spring brings with it the temptation to update your wardrobe and freshening up your denim should be the first thing on your list. For SS17 it’s going to be all about indigo-dyed denim and super-pale, washed jeans, but before you decide which denim-direction you’re going to take your legs in this summer, have a look at our top picks of the two below and choose your style…