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This is the raw, untreated state of denim. Often the style of jean that you’d go for if you want to break in and fit your body shape perfectly. The idea of this is to mould your denim into a second skin which creates unprecedented comfort which will continuously build personality and tell a story. We strongly recommend you take a look at our Denim Guide to make sure you enjoy your denim responsibly!


This is treated denim, washed to achieve a slightly faded appearance and a more comfortable, relaxed fit. This is the perfect shortcut to broken in raw denim but is made with the same care and attention that good quality denim deserves. Featured above is a slim fit style of jeans from Replay, this pair have been constructed from a 11.5 oz Hyperflex denim which in denimology terms means they possess shaping performance and superior comfort which ultimately allow for complete ease of motion and great shape retention – no sagging or deforming even after considerable wear!




This is a result of a hard wash, and another way to cheat the look of worn in raw denim and great if you don’t have time to break in a pair of raw denim jeans. There are different levels of distressed denim that you can pick up from various collections. The depth of charactered readily presented in this masculine wash provides the everyday jean that you can further personalise with use. This pair of ED-55‘s have been constructed from a Breeze used wash 12 oz denim and are machine washable – for those of you that may not trust themselves with raw denim and prefer the idea of the ability to wash their jeans more regularly, these are the pair for you.



This is the process of using pumice stones in the wash to achieve a faded look. These have the appearance of a well worn pair of denim jeans. This technique also adds to the softness and flexibility of otherwise rigid and stiff denim which fade fans devote time and intense work to achieve this in their denims. BOSS Orange, renowned for the passion to detail they carefully design in their jeans, and these Orang63’s are the perfect styling foundation for a coolly masculine casual outfit. They have reinforced their authentic look to stone washing with integral whisker creases.

nudieA high quality product, Nudie Jeans prides itself on using sustainable sources for it’s fabrics, and rewards it’s workers fairly. A real example of how to get things ‘right’ in the clothing industry.

The Nudie philosophy is simple; a pair of jeans should be loved, repaired and worn like a second skin, aging beautifully to tell the story of your journey. Wearing in a pair of Dry Selvedge Denim Jeans takes time and dedication but the results are completely unique and with a network of Nudie Repair shops across the globe, a pair of Nudie Jeans are an investment.


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Edwin are an authentic denim brand that prides itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, unique technology, hand wash processes, and continual progression in design and fit.

As the original creators of stone washing, Edwin have revolutionised the denim industry and continue to do so with new fits and unique styles. Originating in Japan, the brand are now international leaders in the denim world and sport an impressive twenty two unique washes across there offering, enough choice to suit any style. Wear in your Edwin jeans and make them an essential part of your everyday outfit.

replayReplay is the Italian denim and smart casual wear brand that brings its authentic and contemporary style to the international market. Specialising in innovative style, characteristic Italian design and superior quality of its products; this brand can be seen on the backs of the FC Barcelona football team.

Rebelliously changing the rules of denim, they stretch the limit and alter the manufacturing process to provide a comfortable, long lasting pair of denim jeans. Replay denim has been designed to model and fit to the body without losing comfort or shape, with thanks to a unique combination of synthetic and natural fibres, to provide stretch and an authentic denim look.

Take look through our extensive range of denim brands and build your own relationship with perfect pair of jeans. Still need some extra help? Make sure you check out our Denim Guide on how to enjoy denim responsibly to make sure you take care of your treasured jeans.