As the light wanes and the chill begins to take hold, we all know to add layers to our looks, opt for boots over trainers and be sure to carry your hats, scarves and gloves. One thing we always seem to neglect at this time of year is our grooming routine. Skin, hair and fragrance needs vary from one man to the next, however, checking off the key areas to focus on can help you ensure you’re well and truly ready for the big chill.

1. Face

The skin on our face is put to the test during Winter. Whether that be from constant changes in temperature, the wet weather or the near constant need for a beanie or hat. Use a facial scrub once a week for a fresh feel and moisturise every day to help your skin to stay smooth and soft. An eye balm can help to keep you bright eyed and looking fresh and don’t neglect your lips; chapping and splits can be seriously painful not to mention unsightly; a moisturising lip balm should help keep them peachy.

2. Hair

Styling can become tricky when the weather is erratic and you’re regularly sheltering under hats and hoods. Natural, softer looks will be easier to maintain; opt for a wax or a wax spray for a low sheen finish and for maximum restylibility. Shampoo every other day but condition every day. This will stop your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. If the worst happens, reach for an oil or cream – these will soften things up nicely.

3. Facial Hair

Your beard or moustache will be at its most exposed during Winter, treat it well with regular combing and trimming, keep the stragglers at bay with a razor and apply beard oil regularly and liberally if you’d like to avoid looking like Mr Twitt.

4. Hands

This year has made us all more conscious of our hand hygiene and rightly so. The washing and sanitising can cause drying out and, if we’re honest, the scent of alcohol from your skin isn’t a look we were going for. Wash your hands regularly, and use a scented moisturiser each time you wash or sanitise. This will keep your hands from drying and chapping in the cold weather but will also help keep them smelling sweet.

5. Body

To keep your skin in the best condition, use a bodywash with added Vitamin E, this will help to lock in the moisture and keep you feeling soft and comfortable. Follow up with a light body lotion that is suitable for every day use.

6. Fragrance

The transition from icy outdoor walks to fireside armchairs sounds idyllic but can present some outfit conundrums that are usually met with layering and versatility. If you do fall foul however, it can mean a choice between freezing or sweating it out in a heavy knit. Maintain your cool with a roll on and body spray then add a signature cologne for the finishing flurry.