Can you describe your role at G-Star?

As Global Brand Manager I am responsible for maintaining consistency in all that we stand for as a brand – starting from the product and carrying right through to marketing strategies.

How long have you been working with the brand?

I started in December 1997, so that means this year I’ll have been at G-Star for just over 17 years.

How did you get into this industry?

From working on the floor in a denim store (my first part-time job when I was 16), to advising buyers as a salesman in the wholesale business – I cut my teeth in denim and arrived at G-Star for export management. Since then, my position evolved naturally to what it is today.

The brand is famous for having some stand out marketing campaigns and collaborations, what is the favourite thing that G-Star have done in your time working with the brand?

That’s like asking me to choose my favourite child! We’ve been fortunate to work with amazing talents – creating furniture with the Prouve family, our campaign with Ellen von Unwerth, capsule collections with Marc Newson, a Leica camera… Every collaboration has been memorable for its own reasons.

Where do you see G-Star in five years time?

We will still be doing what we love to do – following our gut to make products that challenge the conventions of denim. We’re always thinking, “What will jeans look like in 25 years time?” instead of replicating a pair from 25 years ago.

Tell us about your favourite pair of jeans?

My favourite jeans are our US First, in streaky raw denim. It has the iconic details (like brace buttons and a cinch back) but in a modern fit. We introduced these to the US First in 1996 – the year we gave the industry a shake-up with the invention of the G-Star Elwood jeans, and introducing raw denim as a concept.
At that time the market was saturated with heavily stonewashed garments and it was also shocking because of how premium those fabrics were – people weren’t used to seeing such expensive jeans, but it unlocked a whole new segment for the industry.