This seasons Spring Summer collection from Ma.strum has certainly hit the ground running and is exceeding high expectations. This highly acclaimed label always delivers and effortlessly draws inspiration from one of the true pioneers of sports outerwear Massimo Osti the founder of the infamous Stone Island clothing.

Ma.strum was developed to bring together the archives of the works of this classic designer with pioneering high tech fabrics, focusing on achieving optimum benefit for the wearer. It grew as a brand through the partnership between the designer Donrad Duncan and the Massimo Osti studios.

Donrad Duncan is known globally for leading the apparel industry in introducing the hybrid concept of merging technical apparel with sportswear. He is clear in his vales, and sets the bar high in all that he does –

‘Whether it is apparel, a timepiece, or a vehicle, I have the same expectations – I look for functionality, value and comfort. People want to look and feel good. To feel sexy is defined by the individual, and it basically comes down to comfort. If a person is comfortable and confident in what they are wearing, they are going to feel sexy.” Donrad Duncan.

Ma.strum is a brand that prides itself on principles set to the highest standards. It aims to combine qualities such as timelessness, function and appeal whilst creating silhouettes and styling which appeals to a wide ranging audience.

Ma.strum jackets are the highlight of the collection and are always very much in demand.

New collection of Ma.strum jackets online now.