Experts in their field our Store Boys strive to provide a first rate stylish end-to-end menswear experience. Down to earth, approachable guys who offer a unique approach to customer service that has been hallmarked since the early days in 1975. Serving up just the right balance on assistance, style insight and knowledge with a laid back and friendly tone, they aim to create an experience that’ll keep you coming back. Get to know them better by reading the below, where we’ve quizzed them a little so you can get to know them better.

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Name: Stanislas Boutille

Age: 28

Where are you from? Lille, North of France

Job Role: Store Manager

How long have you been working at Woodhouse? Almost 4 years

Favourite Brands: Belstaff, Filson, Nudie, GANT Rugger, C.P. Company


I like heritage, long lasting but also technical garments. I like companies manufacturing clothing for their customers who have needs and truly love their clothing, not just for profit.

I love to see my clothes ageing, getting personal and looking better than when I first bought them. So many times, people have asked to buy my over shirts or jackets because of the way they had faded. I could never do that, it’s so personal, every time I get something it’s because I really love it. Soon after I can’t imagine not owning these pieces anymore…

Top places to go in London:

Bike Shed MC: Motorcycle club in Old street owned and run by lifelong petrol heads, but also people who love good food, great hospitality and all things two-wheeled.

Shoreditch area: Great to stroll around on a day off. Lots of things to look at, to buy and to eat – Always get some good outfit inspiration too

Cock and Bottle: Nice little pub and just less than a hundred yard from the shop. I will always bump into regular customers and local mates. Definitely my H.Q

Epping Forest: This one is a bit far, right on the edge of London, but I ride there regularly. Quick stop at the tea hut for a nice cuppa and a cheap sausage roll, followed by a nice walk in the forest is all you need sometimes, fresh oxygen and great landscape.

Three things that nobody knows about you:

  1. I took some sewing class when I was 8 years old, I quickly lost interest and dropped out.
  2. I have been to every Notting Hill carnival since I arrived in England in 2009
  3. I struggle to get through a day without riding my motorbike. Amazing addiction!


Name: Chris Hardy

Age: 31

Where are you from? Kingston upon Hull

Job Role: Assistant Manager

How long have you been working at Woodhouse? 1 year

Favorite brands: Fred Perry, Barena Venezia and Nudie Jeans Co.


I remember a lot of my favourite bands during the 90’s wearing the classic twin tipped Romford polo. I really like the reissues and also the Laurel Wreath collections they are doing at the moment which focus more on the classic fits and heritage styles from the brand. I also like the fact that they support new music via their social media pages. My band Night Flowers was featured on the Fred Perry Subculture page recently.

Every season Barena blow me away with their product. The brand offers sharp modern takes on pieces influenced by the bygone era of ancient Venice. Every garment is made in Italy and you can see and feel the quality and craft in every piece.

I like the ethos behind Nudie Jeans; their entire product range is made with organic cottons and they have a great website which tells you exactly how and where your denim was made. They’re a brand that is on the pulse of current trends and have a great range of fits to suit your personal taste. I also like their apparel which is growing stronger every season.

Top places to go in London: 

I have recently been enjoying a pint or two at ‘Mirth, Marvel and Maud’ in Walthamstow (North East London, E17). Originally an old Victorian cinema, this pop up pub has all of its original features/decor and is just an absolutely stunning place. Recently they have been renovating the auditorium area which they plan to open up to the public in the near future for live bands, cinema and plays.

The Victoria in Dalston (East London, E8) is a great venue to see live bands. They have recently given the place an entire face lift and upgraded the sound system and stage area. If you’re in to your cask ales, they are always rotating their beers for you to try from local London breweries. My band ‘Night Flowers’ play here quite a bit which is handy because two of our band members live 5 minutes away from the venue.

Three things that nobody knows about you:

  1. I have never grown out of my obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I own all of the old cartoons that I used to watch as a child and my wife recently bought me a Ninja Turtles onesie, so now I can sit and watch the cartoons dressed as Raphael. “COWABUNGA!”
  2. My pride and joy is my CD collection which I have built up since being a teenager. It’s amazing what gems you can still find on compact disc and they’re so cheap now!
  3. Since my youth I have been interested in birds and supporting the RSPB. My favourite bird of prey is the Peregrine Falcon.


Name: Sam Ross-Laye

Age: 21

Where are you from? Born in London and raised in the South of France.

Job Role: Sales assistant

How long have you been working at Woodhouse: Since February 2016

Favourite Brands:  Fred Perry, Clarks and Stone Island


Clarks and Fred Perry make great quality products that one would consider quite basic but it’s only because they’ve become staples in British Fashion. I love most brands with a strong British heritage but Fred Perry and Clark’s have such a strong link with music and different subcultures since the 60’s they’ll always stay at the top of my list.

Stone Island have only become a favourite quite recently and it’s mainly because of seeing up close the detail in their products. I love how they use so many different materials and find their constant research into new textiles and ways of dyeing and finishing a product really fascinating.

Top places to go in London: 

In the summer I love walking along the canal from Little Venice past Regent’s park and its Zoo, through to Camden and sometimes if I’m cycling or in the mood for it, I’ll go all the way to Victoria Park in South Hackney. You see so many different areas of London and it’s always quite quiet.

Holland Park is my favourite park in London, it’s very small but it has loads of different parts. From flat open spaces to paths in the shade under the trees and even a Kyoto Garden. There are always two peacocks wandering about too that even eat of your hand!

Honest Burgers in my opinion make the best burgers you can find in London, the chips are to die for and their Ginger Pig farm beef is cooked to perfection (nice and pink in the middle).

If I’m going out you’ll usually find me in one of the many bars or clubs on Kingsland Road (More Dalston and Stoke Newington way than Shoreditch).

Three things that nobody knows about you: 

  1. I have around 25 pairs of different trainers and 6 of them are all black (You can never have too many black trainers!).
  2. I used to go to acting classes and I once played an acorn in a show…
  3. I DJ and have a bit of an addiction to records. I spend most of my money every month buying new ones to add to my collection.

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