With summer on the horizon, Boris kicking down the beer garden gate and the sun starting to tempt us out of our houses, we thought it the perfect time to delve into the world of t-shirts.

A true hero of menswear, the humble t-shirt is worn year-round and in a thousand different looks. Layer it up with an overshirt for a style-spanning look, go for a long sleeve and add a sweat or knit for those cooler evenings or strip it back with shorts and sandals when the sunshine is calling. However you wear it, the t-shirt is an essential spring purchase that will see you through summer and beyond.

When it comes to t-shirts, almost all clothing brands will have their offering. However, we have our favourites here at Woodhouse. Here are our top five t-shirt brands and why they stand head and shoulders above the rest…


The T-Shirt Shop: Five Key Brands


/ PS Paul Smith

The eccentric, eclectic British brand is a consistent big hitter when it comes to t-shirts. Bold colours, playful variations on their branding and some stand-out graphics will see your new t-shirt make a big statement. Pared back versions are also available with simple yet unique striped options and the classic zebra chest logo on a range of colours.


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A Woodhouse favourite, Hugo Boss offer just about every clothing, footwear and accessory piece you could possibly wish for. Their t-shirts range from multipack classics to striking graphic prints. The multipacks are a year round bestseller and will never stop being a stylish man’s wardrobe essential. Graphic print options play around with colour and form, using classic t-shirt fits and colours then with added interest from a contrasting chest print. Then of course there is the logo tee; perhaps BOSS’ standout style. The iconic BOSS logo sits front and centre on a range of colours, or you can opt for a more refined version with a reduced scale logo to the chest, whichever you choose you’re sure to be a spring/summer style success story.


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/ Polo Ralph Lauren

Ok so the chances are, when you think of Polo Ralph Lauren, you think polos and button down shirting but don’t sleep on their t-shirt selection. The classic pony emblem adorns the chest of a range of summer-suitable colour options but you can also expect striking all over print options, stripes and of course the legendary Polo Bear in his iconic outfits.

Polo Ralph Lauren Tropical Polo Bear T-Shirt - Blue  Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Custom Slim Fit T-Shirt - Yellow     Polo Ralph Lauren Marina Polo Bear T-Shirt - White

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/ Armani

Ok, so we may have cheated a little here, including both Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange but as two arms of the Armani fashion house, we though it best to cover both. Between the two brands, you have all of your t-shirt needs covered. Emporio Armani offer a more refined, minimal look with strong staple colours and subtle use of the iconic eagle logo. Armani Exchange mix it up a little with more bold graphic print designs and iterations on the AX logo.

Emporio Armani Sustainable Tencel Blend T-Shirt - Blue  Emporio Armani Embroidered Eagle T-Shirt - White  Armani Exchange AX Eagle Print T-Shirt - Navy

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/ Barbour

Barbour don’t just make wax jackets. There, I said it. If you’re still of that mindset then you’re missing out big time. Not only do Barbour and Barbour International offer some of the best polos, shirting and sweatshirts in the market but they also have a great selection of t-shirts. Check out the motorcycle inspired graphics in the International collection to add a little interest into your spring wardrobe. Block colour and stripe options also back up the classic logo versions to give you a full collection of short-sleeved spring saviours.

Barbour International Speed Washed Black T-Shirt  Barbour Chanonry T-Shirt - Surfspray    Barbour River T-Shirt - Powder Blue

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