Valentine’s is just around the corner gents, and it’s time to get organised. If you’re feeling brave then why not treat her to some lingerie that you can both enjoy. This is a sure way to get credit for the thought and effort you’ve put into such a commercial day that, let’s face it, we cannot be bothered with. So where to start? Take a read through our top tips when buying Lingerie for your other half:


Most men are very confused with the sizes and I bet you didn’t know that the cup size, no matter what proportion, changes with the chest size. Not only this but over and under estimating the bottom half respectively can be a little bewildering and a common problem. Check the size by taking a look in her underwear drawer – problem solved! Just make sure you don’t get caught, this could be difficult to explain!


Don’t go right ahead and buy something that you like the look of. Be considerate and once again observe what styles she buys for herself when checking her size in the underwear draw. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the exact same, use your initiative and try to combine both your ideas and her preference. Make a note of any brands she may like, and you’re on to a winner.


Don’t buy something too impractical – there’s less chance of you seeing it! Again go for a compromise with classy details such as lace or soft satin with detail. The more expensive it looks the more impressed she’ll be – there is no room for a cheap option but there are may high street shops that are affordable. There is a real difference when wearing underwear which are higher in quality and she’ll be encouraged to wear it more often, so it’s definitely worth spending a little more to achieve this – again it’ll get more outings.


So you’ve put all this thought into this gift for her, that you thought she’d love. Just in case the size or style doesn’t work out we’d advise you to buy a back up option to a valentine’s gift. You should probably organise a meal out as a surprise any way if you’re going for gold brownie points this year and why not choose a lovely bunch of flowers, although she says she doesn’t want flowers – majority of the time it’s not actual what she means – am I right? These tricks are sure to distract from the lingerie fail!


So you’ll most probably purchase online, which is fine – it’s convenient, you don’t have the embarrassment of going into a store, and you can most likely find a website where you can view the lingerie on a model (just be careful with your internet history here!)

However we would encourage you to go into a store, it isn’t all that bad and the staff are used to the questions and customers that, like you, come in a little unaware of what to buy. Just remember no one in the store customer or staff will be thinking ‘what is he doing in here’ if anything they will applaud you for your bravery and think ‘I wish my other half would have the balls to buy something as thoughtful as lingerie!’ But, remember to use the points above and take that information with you then the shop staff can be more helpful, might even be worth taking a picture of the styles of bra that she wears as they will be able to distinguish a balcony to a plunge which I am sure just went over your head! Just make sure you get a gift receipt if you do – again just in case!