Whilst the Pea-cocking that goes on at Pitti is a little elaborate for a day to day dress, there are a lot of lessons to be had from these thriftless gentlemen. From these lavish wardrobes we take trends that we can easily mirror for an up to date and on trend look that will give the impression you are trying to achieve. Here we have gathered a list of the top trends seen at Pitti Uomo this January and how to replicate their look into everyday style.

Natural Tones are high on the radar for spring / summer but is no longer a side-kick and will take center stage as a monochrome fusion of shades from this underestimated pallette.



Utility style has been present through past seasons and is hitting hard this season with coach jacket and overshirts not the forgetting the MA1 Bomber which who’s no sign of leaving anyone’s wardrobe.



Athleisure meets tailoring is a continued trend as the sportswear giants of fashion push their influences to all brands and high street stores with more focus put on technical fabrics and detailing such as zips, still with a hint of retro styling.



Layering may fade in the height go summer, but I can imagine we still have a good few months left to piece together transitional looks with a combination of textures and fabrics. It is a form of art itself.



The Gilet is official back for revival. Using the layering technique mentioned above dress the Pitti tailoring down with a crew neck sweat, knit or tee. Or replicate this look with a denim jacket. Top top: Leave the bottom 2 bottoms open for considered style.



Take a look through some of the highlights from the 91st Pitti Uomo to take place in Florence, Italy.