It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, the day of the year when extra importance is given to showing your other half how much they mean to you. Some of you may be going out for a slap up meal, others may be taking the more relaxed route by doing a more activity based date and then some others are boycotting the whole thing and staying in with a takeaway. One thing I know is that you will be clothed, for the most of the night! So we have put together 3 outfits to inspire you.


So it may be your first Valentine’s together and you are wanting to make a good impression. You may have all this planned out, meal, flowers, gifts and more but one of the most important things to nail is your outfit. Take a look below for what we think would impress.

BOSS Norwin-J Navy Honeycomb Jersey Blazer
Barbour Stapelton Navy Gingham Tailored Fit Oxford Shirt
BOSS Casual Schino-Slim D Stone Chinos
Tricker’s Woodstock Marron Antique Plain Leather Derby Shoes


So you’ve been together for a few years and you’d rather forgo the formalities of Valentine’s Day, so why not go out and see a film or bowling or just generally anything but a sit down meal! We have an outfit for you that whilst relaxed is still smart enough to impress.

Fred Perry Hooded Padded Paprika Brentham Jacket
Polo Ralph Lauren Grey Bear Sweatshirt
Edwin ED-55 Kingston Blue Denim Rinsed Regular Tapered Jeans
Clarks Originals Wallabee Cactus Green Suede Boots


For some Valentine’s Day is just another day and all they want to do is sit in front of the TV doing nothing. Well we have you covered for that too, you can be at the peak of comfort and still be looking good.

Belstaff Padox Grey Hoodie
MA.STRUM Long Sleeve Icon White Tee
Polo Ralph Lauren Grey Velour Sweatpant
BOSS Relax Mocc Dark Blue Suede Slippers