Whether you love it or hate it the digital download has played an integral part in the biggest change the music industry has ever seen, completely altering the landscape of the industry with both record companies and artists finding themselves having to adapt quickly or risk falling to the wayside.

Although we now find ourselves thrust into the age of Spotify and iTunes the love of Vinyl has never died and even better than that, recent months have seen it enter into a huge resurgence! We’re not going to tell you it’s back because it never went away, as any music fan worth their salt will tell you… everything always sounds better on vinyl.


Aside from sheer nostalgia there are many attributing factors in the Vinyl revival of late but Record Store Day has been an integral one. RSD began in 2007 when over 700 independent stores came together in the USA to celebrate their love of this unique musical culture. Following its huge success the UK followed suit with this year seeing the event celebrate its eighth year and being promoted by huge stars such as Alabama Shakes and Johnny Marr.

The huge success of Record Store Day has led to the creation of the Vinyl top 40 which has not only boosted the sale of Vinyl records but can also be credited for the huge boom in the sale of turntables which are up by a staggering 240%.

Our very own Dapper Stag ambassador, and all round legend of the house music scene, Mr Terry Farley reached number one in the chart’s first week with his tribute to Frankie Knuckles “Baby Wants To Ride”.

Take a look here at some of his top picks from our Dapper Stag range.

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