From the pioneers of free-spirited rock-climbing in the 1970s, known as the Stonemasters, Gramicci was born. Amongst them was Californian Mike Graham, the original founder of the brand that we know and love today. Whilst developing a new style of climbing with his fellow enthusiasts in Yosemite National park, it became apparent that they needed new attire that would allow for ease of movement, freedom and flexibility. With no luck finding what he required already in the market, Graham took it upon himself to design his own. 

It wasn’t until 1982 that Gramicci was established, the moniker of his name Graham. With the goal to create something completely original with movement firmly in mind, the legendary G Shorts came into fruition, the first true climbing shorts. Hard wearing, flexible and comfortable, these shorts birthed the future for the brand. Its offspring, the G Pants, soon followed and the pair swiftly became must-haves among the climbing community.

As Gramicci moved into the 1990s’ the already established brand expanded from purely functionality to fashion and performance that embodied comfort, function and technology. Creatively merging their ethos with stylish yet functional designs, that saw the brand take its place in the DNA of streetwear.

Whilst changing ownership in the 2000s until now, Gramicci has managed to climb its way to the top of our must-have brands with the help of their innovative eccentric spirit and sense of adventure. Creating products that are the perfect amalgamation of engineered comfort and function, designed to offer distinctive style to both high performance outdoor sports enthusiasts and urban wanderers alike.

The latest collection from Gramicci sees a refocus back to their roots and harnessing the spirit of freedom and innovation. These are some of our favourite pieces:


The G Shorts & The G Pants

A true staple, based on the original designs from the 80’s updated for the modern man, the iconic G Shorts and G Pants sport the innovative and unique crotch gusset for full 180 degree flexibility. With comfort in mind, whilst ensuring a secure fit, a nylon webbing belt has been integrated into a flex-fit elasticated waist. The organic double-ringspun cotton twill construction promises durability, versatility and practicality. Available in an array of vibrant colours to fit every mood and adventure. 


The Shell Flight Jacket

A versatile and lightweight jacket, the Shell Flight Jacket works for the outdoors and the city all year round, year and year again with its timeless design. The active shell fabric is infused with wind and water repellent properties protecting you from any unexpected weather changes as well as a handy zip away hood. This laid-back jacket has an elegant and soft appearance that is offered in navy, tan and red.


The Keep On Hiking Organic Crew Neck T-Shirt

Proudly showcasing their sense of adventure, a retro inspired graphic print of the Hiking Man adorns the front of this classic crew neck t-shirt. Naturally breathable with a soft touch, due to the pure organic cotton construction. This piece is the perfect tee to make a statement in any scenario.


The Packable Short Sleeve Camp T-Shirt

Fabric innovation meets the outdoors infused with streetwear style, the Packable Short Sleeve Camp T-Shirt is the ultimate tee for adventures whether you are exploring urban or rural landscapes. The Komatsu nylon construction is exceptionally durable and lightweight allowing you to compactly pack it away and carry it anywhere.


The Shell Jet Cap

The cap that does it all, stylish and practical, the Shell Jet Cap can take you from the city to the great outdoors, in a range of colours to suit any adventure. The lightweight active shell fabric is wind and water resistant, perfect for transitional seasons, when unpredictable weather is at its peak. Not only is it weather resistant but it is fully adjustable with their exclusive webbing belt adjuster for the perfect fit. 


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