As the nights get darker and colder, there is no better feeling than getting cosy on the couch with a hot cuppa or even a warming whiskey and getting drawn into a captivating TV show. With multiple streaming channels, the options are endless. Picking a good one can be hit or miss so we’ve asked our team what they’re currently watching after a hard day of work. These binge-worthy shows are not to be missed and are the talk of the office.


Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – Netflix

Everybody is talking about Dahmer, whose story those with an interest in true crime will already know. However this interpretation of the unspeakable is an effective and disturbing dramatised take on the life of the notorious “Milwaukee Cannibal” Jeffery Dahmer. Portrayed by Evan Peters, the chilling and cautionary series evokes a skin-crawling feeling that penetrates the soul.


The Rings of Power – Prime Video

An epic fantasy based on the ever-popular, Tolkien novels and appendices. The Rings of Power is a completely new story set thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings in a time called Middle-Earth’s Second Age. The series disperses its narrative across the jaw-dropping and enchanting landscapes of Middle-earth. Following saga-infused tales from Elves, Man, Dwarves and the curiously charming Harfoots. A series “You shall not pass”.


Ted Lasso – Apple TV

Hilarious and heartwarming. This series follows Ted Lasso, an American football coach who is unexpectedly hired to coach AFC Richmond; a fictional English Premier League ‘soccer’ team. Despite having no experience, he makes up for it with unwavering optimism and biscuits. This wholesome comedy-drama starring and developed by Jason Sudeikis gets no red cards from us. A class act that strikes your funny bone every time. Don’t drop the ball on this show.


House of The Dragon – Sky Atlantic

A dramatically compelling prequel, loaded with manipulation, murder and, of course, dragons. Set approximately 170 years before the events of Game Of Thrones. Portraying the never-ending struggle for power in a tantalising tale of the reign of House Targaryen and their battle to maintain control of the legendary iron throne. Whether or not you’ve watched its predecessor, House of The Dragon will burn a fire inside leaving you wanting more.


The Great British Bake Off – Channel 4

For some The Great British Bake Off is TV royalty while for others, a guilty pleasure. 60 minutes of creativity and competition in which a batch of passionate amateur bakers, attempt to impress two judges by displaying their baking skills in a series of rounds in the hopes of being crowned UK’s Best Amateur Baker.


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