At Woodhouse we love our sport!

Like most of the English Press we have closely monitored the progress of Elliot Kebbie.

This Year Elliot had the acclaimed title as being the only English Football player playing in Spain. So when we heard Elliot was on English soil we thought it presented us with the perfect opportunity to get him into the studio, enabling us to have a good catch hold a relaxed Q & A session and more importantly get him to pick his Woodhouse Christmas Wish List.

DF – David Foster (MD and Buyer)
EK – Elliot Kebbie

DF: Why did you choose Football when you had such a successful Rugby playing father?
EK: At a young age I played and enjoyed both. But eventually I fell in love with football.

DF: When did you start playing?
EK: I started when I was aged 5, playing on a Saturday afternoon. When I was aged 7 I started playing for my local team Brighouse Town, my playing career then progressed from there.

DF: Give a brief history on you playing career so far.
EK: I had my first taste of Academy football playing from the age of 8 for Leeds. At Under 14 I played for the England under 16 squad. During my time at Leeds I had lots of interest from Manchester United & Everton. Despite this interest I stayed at Leeds. I was rewarded by the club and during the my under 15 season I played for the under 18 age group and at the end of this season I progressed to the reserves. It wasn’t easy stepping away but I then made the tough decision to leave the club and had the exciting prospect of joining Athletico Madrid.

DF: Did you feel pressure as the only English player playing in Spain?
EK: Yes at first, especially with all the media interest, I just focused on my game.

DF: Has the last 11 months in Spain lived up to your expectations?
EK: Yes on the pitch my game developed technically, but off the pitch life in Spain was more challenging.

DF: What does the immediate future hold for you?
EK: I am working on my full match fitness. I am lucky that I have a few options on the table and I have a promising future. Watch this space.

DF: What is your life philosophy?
EK: Tell the world what you intend to do but first show it.

DF: Who are you sporting heroes?
EK: There are too many, however if I had to choose I would say Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.

DF: What do you consider is your greatest sporting achievement so far?
EK: Being the only English player in Spain, when Spain are dominating World Football.

DF: What are you plans over Christmas?
EK: Eat well, relax and enjoy time with my family.

DF: Do you have a favourite clothing brand?
EK: Antony Morato

DF: What is your favourite gadget?
EK: Xbox 360

DF: What was the last film you saw?
EK: Skyfall

DF: What was your last music download?
EK: Gangnam Style

DF: Surprise me with a fact that we do not know about you.
EK: I love astronomy and politics.

Elliot, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. Best of luck with your playing career, we’ll be keeping a close eye on you.

We hope you enjoy your Woodhouse Wish List.