On the 2nd August we embarked on our Tagging Campaign out on the streets of Manchester in collaboration with Foundation Coffee House. Our aim was to raise awareness for our brand, giveaway some free coffee and let people know about what is still to come in the following weeks.

Our crews hit the streets on a glorious summer day in Manchester, looking for Manchester’s most stylish to tag! We certainly found an eclectic mixture of styles and people that we absolutely loved. With many of our brands having an affinity with the city we were sure that the Manchester audience would be receptive to our advances, plus the draw of free coffee on a Thursday was bound to help. Tagging everything from people to bikes and also a couple of dogs, if we liked your style we let you know!

Upon being tagged we encouraged people to head on down to Foundation to meet the rest of our team and be in with a chance to win some free gear with our upcoming giveaways 16th August.

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Following on from that we launched our first giveaway, on 9th August a location drop across the city, at 12 iconic locations through out the day. Giving away items ranging from a Pretty Green shirt to a C.P. Company jacket. We also had further 20 t-shirts to giveaway and these were scattered across the city in all manner of places, for people to find and get a nice new addition to their wardrobe.

Again we met a range of people who had been following our social media accounts in the hope they could grab themselves one of our big ticket items, with a couple of races to get the item, which made everything a bit more fun. We had a great amount of interaction with people not just in person but also on our social channels and would like to thank everyone who got involved. Have a look at our lucky winners below;