It has been one of the fastest growing workout techniques that has transformed fitness into a sport in itself. According to Greg Glassman CrossFit is “performing functional movements that are constantly varied at a high intensity.” That’s all very well for those in the fitness industry, but how does it stand out as one of the top physical exercise philosophies to the extent that police and military personnel, firefighters and many sports are turning to CrossFit as part of their physical regime.

CrossFit essentially combines weight-lifting movements with gymnastic and aerobic movements too. The equipment generally consists of barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, gymnastic rings jump ropes, and medicine balls. With exercises put together in a number of different formats to create what is known as the WOD (Workout of the Day). As such each day has a different focus meaning the exercises are constantly varied which is inherent to the success of Crossfit as a program, a typical group class will generally consist of a warm-up, 10 to 15 minutes of controlled education based on the core movements of the WOD, followed by the WOD itself, which typically last between 15 and 20 minutes at extreme intensity.

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There are factors that differ this from your regular workout, firstly most CrossFit venues take place in what is called a Box, ordinarily transformed spaces such as in warehouses and mills. The community that breeds within these boxes is extremely contagious which is a key facto in differentiating CrossFit from traditional corporate gyms. Very often the unpersonal judgmental feel of typical corporate gyms can be one of the most prohibiting factors to getting fit, but with CrossFit you workout alongside individuals who are keen to encourage your journey to fitness.

The second factor that distinguishes CrossFit is the level of knowledge and expertise that CrossFit coaches have to have in order to be qualified. This combined with the community nature of this conditional program means you get first hand expertise knowledge from somebody who is not just your coach but also your friend and can help you perform the functional movements which are core to the CrossFit philosophy. These movements are born out of everyday life meaning that as you progress in the sport of CrossFit many aspects of your own personal life will improve in tandem; greater flexibility/stamina/strength and overall confidence.

The third and perhaps most defining aspect of CrossFit is that it can be participated in competitively as a sport. CrossFit Boxes will often compete against each other as what are known as throw-downs and there are also a number of national individual competitions across the country. CrossFit, by its very nature is infinitely scalable meaning that workouts can be tailored to suit any individuals. Within a competitive environment this means categories can be split up and scaled dependent on age and ability.

The sport’s global popularity is now at such a level that the CrossFit games have a sponsored 10 year license deal. Tis games is a global competition held every year to find the World’s Fittest man and woman and are the absolute pinnacle of high-intensity fitness. If your interested to see what the CrossFit Games consists of have a look at the highlights from this years 2015 games, but bare in mind these are workouts designed to test the super athletes of CrossFit as a sport to their limits.

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